Start of the game

Download the free MetaTrace app and start your journey
To start playing MetaTrace, you just need to download the application and go through a simple registration. Our Web3 game offers a comfortable experience for newcomers, and anyone can start playing for free without the need to purchase NFTs.
We are creating a stable economic system based on an innovative model:


From the start, you have access to basic gameplay with all the mechanics of a geolocation game. Explore the map, find Boxes, open them, and receive your first rewards.

Three game models

  1. 1.
After registration, you receive your Avatar, with which you explore the virtual map. You can move around the terrain, find boxes with tokens, Cypets and other NFTs (in limited quantities). In this case, the economy remains in-game, without the possibility of withdrawing tokens outside the game.
  1. 2.
    With a TracePro subscription
By paying for a TracePro subscription, in addition to extensive gameplay, you are given the opportunity to use TraceWallet, interact with TraceMarket, and have a wider range of token usage options.
With a subscription, the number of boxes, NFTs, and other game assets on the map increases, and the chances of finding rarer items and pets become higher. When subscribing, you unlock full exchange and trading of NFT items with other players.
  1. 3.
    Buying NFTs (for advanced users)
For more qualitative and advanced gameplay in the MetaTrace virtual world, you can purchase an NFT Avatar, NFT Car, NFT Pass, NFT Lands or other artifacts. From this moment on, you gain full access to the game's interface as it currently stands (the game is in continuous update mode). The reward level is much higher, the number of Boxes is larger, and the mechanics are more interesting.
The purchase of NFTs occurs on the internal TraceMarket with the Matic (Polygon blockchain cryptocurrency). Soon there will also be an option to purchase with TRC tokens.