Open assets in your Backpack

Backpack is a special tool for Tracers, where you can store and open your digital assets. It has 3 compartments for Boxes, Eggs, and Shards.

All Eggs and Boxes collected on the map go into the Backpack, where they can be opened. Shards you receive also go into the backpack.

The number of slots for boxes and eggs is limited and if they are all filled, new assets cannot fit in it. You can increase the number of slots by leveling up your Avatar.

To free up slots, you need to open Eggs and Boxes stored in them. The opening process begins immediately after the asset enters the Backpack. Boxes can be opened in 2 hours, Eggs in 24 hours.

Shards do not have slot limits, but the Backpack cannot contain more than 99 Shards for each Cypet.

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