Blockchain Server

Complete Web3 Product Ecosystem

We have set a goal to create a comprehensive and independent Web3 ecosystem that will become competitive in the technology market. In this section, we will uncover the technical solutions and products our team is working on.

The primary blockchain for asset placement and transactions is the second-layer one - Polygon blockchain.

The heart of the entire ecosystem is the blockchain server, which ensures uninterrupted interaction between the blockchain network and various clients of this server.

The clients of the server include:

The system has several levels of protection. Each private key is additionally encrypted with a secret phrase in the database. A system breach is virtually impossible. Even if it happens, the intruder will still not gain access to the data, as it cannot be used without the encryption key.

Advantages of the blockchain server:

  • All operations are conducted on-chain. User information is stored in the blockchain and accessed via queries, thereby ensuring data validity.

  • Speed. The server has a capacity of 5000 requests per second or 500 million requests per month.

  • Unique solutions. We receive instant notifications of operations with the native token (MATIC), confirmed on the network. Basic operation data is impossible, as the native token does not provide such information.

  • Relevance. Instant receipt of information and identification of all NFT tokens with metadata.

  • Purity. A spam token filter for your wallet. The system recognizes spam NFTs and provides the opportunity to create reports.

  • Cross-chain. The server allows you to connect to Ethereum-compatible and other blockchain networks.

In the future, we plan to expand transaction logic and connect other blockchain networks, such as zkEVM, TON, TRON, COSMOS, NEAR, ISP, and others. This solution will provide additional liquidity to our ACE and TRC tokens.

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