Partnerships are an important strategy of MetaTrace. By forging strategic alliances with various stakeholders, MetaTrace can leverage its expertise and resources to enhance the GameFi platform's functionalities and user experience. They also enable the company to expand its reach, attract a larger user base, improve the availability and liquidity of tokens, and foster innovation through collaborative efforts. The list of partners is constantly growing.

MetaTrace Partners

  1. Polygon & Polygon Labs — a scalable blockchain platform on which the MetaTrace project is built. Polygon provides infrastructure for creating and deploying decentralized applications (DApps) and blockchain solutions. Collaborating with Polygon allows us to use scalable infrastructure and expand the capabilities of our platform.

  2. BitMart — a cryptocurrency exchange with a wide range of trading pairs and services for cryptocurrency exchange. The partnership with BitMart can provide MetaTrace with access to a broad audience of traders and improve the liquidity and availability of the project's tokens.

  3. LBank — a cryptocurrency exchange with a wide choice of trading pairs and tools for exchanging and trading cryptocurrencies. Collaborating with LBank helps us ensure the availability and liquidity of tokens in the cryptocurrency market.

  4. EXMO — a European cryptocurrency exchange providing services for exchanging and trading cryptocurrencies. Collaboration with EXMO can assist MetaTrace in expanding its market presence and ensuring the availability of tokens for EU traders.

  5. Idesam — a non-profit organization engaged in research and development of innovative solutions for preserving the Amazon's nature. A partnership with Idesam gives the opportunity to leave a positive ecological footprint on our planet.

  6. Alchemy — a blockchain infrastructure platform providing developers with tools and services for developing and scaling applications on the blockchain. Collaboration with Alchemy can help us improve the performance and reliability of our platform.

  7. Race Cup Sao Paulo, AMG Cup, Copa Joy: Series of sports races sponsored by MetaTrace.

  8. SBT & Tela 2 & Brazil Metaverso — our media partners in Brazil. Every week SBT channel broadcasts a show about cryptocurrencies and Web 3 technologies, where the main host is MetaTrace CEO.

We are open to new collaborations. Send your requests to [email protected].

Let's make the world a better place together!

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