Social Impact

The main social initiative at MetaTrace is EcoTrace, which has a significant social impact on the environment. The purposes of EcoTrace are:

  • Environmental Protection. EcoTrace actively supports initiatives aimed at protecting the environment, funding and supporting environmental projects that include ecosystem restoration, forest recovery, combating pollution, and other ecologically significant initiatives.

  • Tokenization of Good Deeds. With EcoTrace, users have the opportunity to tokenize their good deeds and initiatives. They can present their efforts to protect the environment in the form of digital assets, such as tokens, making them visible and accountable within the MetaTrace platform. The initiative promotes users' stimulation and encouragement of active participation in environmental projects.

  • Education. EcoTrace pays special attention to education, providing information and resources related to the environment. Users can gain knowledge about environmental issues, sustainability, and ecological education practices. This helps to raise awareness and expand users' knowledge about the importance of environmental protection and sustainable development.

EcoTrace is a developing platform that tackles environmental concerns and encourages users' active engagement in environmental preservation. In the following sections, you will find more comprehensive information about this initiative.

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