Ethical Communication Policy

The MetaTrace project is committed to providing users with the most comfortable and safe experience while using our product. Therefore, we have developed the following ethical communication policy.

MetaTrace prohibits the discussion of the following topics within the project's social networks:

Prohibited Topics:

  1. Politics, nationalism, religion, and other highly sensitive social issues that could lead to escalated tensions in communications.

  2. The promotion of narcotics, alcohol consumption.

  3. Erotic content.

  4. Violence, cruelty.

  5. Financial advice.

Prohibited Actions:

  1. Publishing content on prohibited topics.

  2. Spreading false information, fraud.

2.1 Impersonating another person's account.

2.2 Any fake information.

2.3 Messages about financial transactions.

2.4 Multi-accounting and the use of bots.

  1. Begging.

3.1 Fundraising, crowdfunding in any form.

3.2 Providing referral links.

  1. Threats and insults, including veiled profanity.

4.1 Threats to life and other similar information.

4.2 Insults and cursing.

4.3 Profanity, veiled profanity, and offensive words.

  1. Spam, flooding, advertising, links, phishing, etc.

5.1 Spamming with stickers, media content, repetitive messages is not allowed.

5.2 Posting meaningless messages, cluttering chat/thread.

5.3 No advertising.

5.4 No links to external resources to prevent phishing, etc.

5.5 Disparaging comments towards the project, its representatives, or users.

  1. Immoral behavior.

6.1 Images, videos, memes related to incidents that resulted in deaths and/or other negative factors.

6.2 Messages of an immoral character, offending universally accepted moral values.

  1. Improper behavior towards Admins/project representatives.

7.1 Multiple questions to Admins, asked in a short period of time, with the aim of hindering work.

7.2 Messages containing criticism of the actions of Admins/project representatives or disagreement with them.

7.3 Ignoring requests from Admins/project representatives.

7.4 Insulting Admins/project representatives.

7.5 It is forbidden to impersonate an Admin/project representative.

7.6 It is forbidden to insult an Admin/project representative.

7.7 Spreading personal information about an Admin/project representative, or fake information.

  1. Exploiting vulnerabilities and bypassing security measures. It is prohibited to attempt to bypass technical restrictions or use system vulnerabilities for gaining advantages in bonus programs.

In case of violations of the Ethical Conduct Policy by users, MetaTrace representatives have the right to:

  • Issue a warning and request the removal of content;

  • Limit the user's ability to publish content for a certain period;

  • Impose a ban on the user and remove them from social networks;

  • Deny access to bonus programs. Violators will be denied access to participate in drops, airdrops, and any other bonus programs;

  • Reset or block the account on Trace Quest;

In cases of the most severe violations (e.g., spam, fraud, insulting project representatives), a mute or ban may be imposed without warning.

We value every member of our community and strive to ensure fair and transparent conditions for participation in bonus programs and community communication. Adhering to these rules will help maintain a healthy atmosphere in the community and guarantees that every participant has equal opportunities to receive rewards.

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