Our Advantages


We offer you a complete control over your gaming assets. Thanks to NFT technology, every item, character, or artifact you own in MetaTrace becomes unique and irreplaceable. You can be confident that no one can counterfeit, alter, or steal your assets. This gives you complete freedom to own, trade, and collect NFTs.


A unique experience of interacting with other players. You will be able to communicate, unite, compete, and collaborate with players from all over the world. Our platform provides safe and transparent transactions, allowing you to confidently interact with other players and trust them.

You can create teams, exchange assets, and jointly explore the virtual world.


You can earn cryptocurrency for gaming achievements. Your talent, skill, luck, experience, and game knowledge become the foundation for receiving rewards. You can sell your unique gaming assets or offer services to other players. We stimulate and encourage the community's contribution to creating a stable economic system.


We are building a truly stable and fundamental economic system that has incorporated the most successful ways of monetization, reward distribution, onboarding, and other aspects. As you dive into our project and develop your profile, you can be confident in the project's longevity and robustness.

Technology scalability

Explore the real world at the intersection of technologies. Today, you use our map, a copy of the world, for orientation in the game, "tomorrow" it could be augmented reality glasses. Become the most experienced among the players and you will be amazed by the opportunities that will open up for you in the future. Our platform is constantly updated and evolves, offering the latest technological developments and content consumption during gaming adventures.

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