Blockchain Games with NFTs

The Decentralized Revolution in the Gaming World!

Until recently, the video game industry operated with a one-sided value distribution model, where companies developed applications and interacted with gamers. Users would purchase the product, paying the developers, and in return, they would only receive the opportunity to enjoy the game and gain gaming experience. Although players could "level up" their characters and, with enough persistence, unofficially sell them, such transactions were limited to the gaming environment where the actions took place.

In essence, the ability to monetize one's achievements was significantly limited.

With the advent of blockchain and NFTs, the situation has changed. Now, players can create, level up, exchange, sell, or buy various gaming artifacts. This can be done not only within one game, but also beyond its confines. From now on, players have the ability to generate value, own it, and validate their ownership rights through the utilization of blockchain technologies

How Do NFT Games Work?

Players perform various actions in the game (complete missions, interact with other players, collect artifacts, and so on), accumulating assets in the form of NFTs. The value of these NFTs increases as the item become more advanced within the game, making them more sought-after in the secondary market. This NFT can later be sold on the official marketplace.

Blockchain games provide a unique opportunity for players to receive rewards in the form of cryptocurrency, thereby generating value, unlike a traditional video games, where the value is predetermined solely by the game design and mechanics.

All artifacts and items in the game are NFTs and are stored on the blockchain. These NFTs are independent of the developer, exclusively belonging to the player, and are always under their control. As the owner, the player has full autonomy to manage these NFTs according to their preferences.

One such game is the MetaTrace application

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