Trace Wallet

The Web3 cross-platform solution to use all its functionality in one place.

Every new user registering an account in the app and signing up on the marketplace receives a non-custodial wallet named — Trace Wallet.

The Trace Wallet connects to the blockchain server, subscribing to events of an individual user and transmitting transaction events to the network. Architecturally, the Trace Wallet is a client-backend interaction, which should provide event data for each user on each connection, as well as broadcast transaction events.

AML Control

This system will prevent the possibility of money laundering through our project. The responsibility for a wallet falling into a blacklist (according to AML criteria) falls on the user. In such an event, the user will only have the right to withdraw their tokens to the wallet from which they made a deposit.

Bonus System

Users can receive tokens from MetaTrace as a token of appreciation for working with the Trace Wallet, Trace Market, providing feedback, and testing other products.

Condition for rewards allocation: the tokens received are prohibited from being withdrawn until the end of the reward phase.

Loyal Gas Management

Our task is to reduce the user's burden in the form of paying for gas, by providing the minimal necessary amount of fees and further compensation in the form of other tokens.

Accumulation of Liquidity

The Trace Wallet allows users to perform exchanges, marketplace operations, and transactions between Trace Wallet and other wallets with any token in any network. However, the fee is not charged in the native TRC token, but in the operation tokens, thereby accumulating liquidity for the project tokens.

Technically, Trace Wallet can already offer users more opportunities than known wallet applications, which is a competitive advantage of our platform.

The Trace Wallet may potentially evolve into a standalone product within the company, serving as a new application designed to facilitate the management of MetaTrace tokens, as well as third-party tokens. It aims to provide real-time updates of metadata from third-party smart contracts and networks, offering users the ability to access and monitor relevant information instantly.

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