Description of the NFT Cars mode gameplay

As soon as you purchase an MetaTrace Car of any body type, level, and Tier on Trace Market, you get access to the mini game NFT Cars mode. The mini game can be launched via a button from the main MetaTrace map or from the MetaTrace Car card menu in your profile.

After launching the mini game, the Avatar changes to a navigation arrow for further movement. To start burning NFT's energy, the player needs to start a journey using any real-life transportation: their own car, a taxi, public transport, a bicycle, scooter, roller skates, etc. Thus, playing in NFT Cars mode is most convenient during planned trips somewhere or leisure time on your favorite mode of transportation.

Geolocation services will track your movements. While you are on the move, MetaTrace Car travels with you, consuming energy units and earning reward tokens. To complete your journey, press the 'flag' button on the main map screen. The trip will end, and a reward button will appear on the screen for you to claim your rewards.

Congratulations! You have managed to complete your first journey in the MetaTrace Car mode mini game.

Wait for the MetaTrace Car energy to be restored, and don't forget to upgrade your characteristics for rarer prizes on future trips!

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