Cypets Elements

While exploring the MetaTrace world, Tracers discovered that the world used to be divided into different biomes, each with unique living conditions. These included sandy deserts, rainy jungles, rocky canyons, and watery expanses. Cypets had to adapt to the biomes they appeared in, leading to each pet developing specific survival skills necessary for their surroundings. Tracers called these skills "Elements."

The four most common and viable elements for life are Water, Fire, Earth, and Air. Cypets residing in these elements gained basic adaptation skills and abilities.

Three more challenging and specialized elements emerged: Jungle, Stone, and Urban. Cypets living in these enviroments possessed unique adaptation skills and abilities.

Later, Tracers discovered Cypets of an extremely rare, mythical elements: Mystic and Ordinals

These Cypets were equally adaptable to any environment and conditions. They represent the highest level of cyber evolution, combining the advantages of Cypets from all other elements.

After the discovery of elemental properties, Tracers began searching for the strongest and most adaptable Cypets. While encountering a Cypet of common rarity and a basic element is considered ordinary, finding a Cypet of epic rarity and a unique element is an incredible stroke of luck. As for meeting a Cypet of legendary rarity and the mystic element, true legends are woven about it, they say that only a few have managed to achieve such a feat.

Over time, Tracers even developed a chart to determine the luckiness of their findings.

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