Future Technology Integrations

There's no limit to technological development

In the near future, we plan to implement technology integrations that will allow players to interact with tokens and technologies.

Here are some of them:

  • DEX service

We will develop our own DEX service that will allow users to exchange various tokens on the MetaTrace platform. Users will be able to pay transaction fees on the DEX service with any available tokens and also use them for buying and selling on the MetaTrace marketplace.

  • DeFi service

We will provide the ability to use third-party NFTs as collateral to obtain loans in the form of MetaTrace tokens. Users will be able to exchange various NFTs for MetaTrace NFTs at the current market price. There will also be an option to transfer the received NFTs to the corporate MetaTrace wallet for liquidity accumulation and receiving additional rewards.

  • MetaTrace NFT management

We will provide an advanced Web3 infrastructure that will enable users to lend and accumulate (with an increase in APY% yield) MetaTrace tokens.

These and many other services will allow players to interact as flexibly as possible with various tokens and technologies, expanding the capabilities and functionality of our ecosystem.

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