World Map

Our team has spent four years developing a world map generator. The geolocation platform is a unique and independent technology.

At the core of the MetaTrace app is a world map, which is a vital part of our platform. It's a digital replica of the real-world map, accessible in augmented reality. In this mode, you can explore and interact with the virtual space, performing various actions in the real world.

Advantages of our map:

  1. Realism. The MetaTrace world map accurately reflects the geographical features and terrains of the real world based on open data. This allows you to explore virtual versions of real places such as cities, cultural landmarks, and natural formations.

  2. Interactivity. All locations on the map are filled with a large number of objects and content with which you need to interact for further progress in the game.

  3. Resources and events. Our map can display various resources and events available at specific locations. For example, you can find valuable items or participate in unique events happening at various places on the map.

  4. Navigation and orientation. The MetaTrace map gives players the ability to navigate and orient themselves in the virtual environment. The map can be used to find rewards, discover new places, and explore the surrounding environment.

  5. Mobility. As this platform is an in-house product of our company, we can flexibly modify it for any needed look and gameplay. The technology we use allows us to release a product without a significant load on servers and user devices. In the case of using third-party geolocation resources, developers find themselves in very tight constraints for map usage.

MetaTrace merges the real world with a virtual environment, creating a captivating and unique experience!

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