Economic Model

We are building a stable economic system that evolves and scales through investment and revenues from partners and advertisers.

In the economic model of the MetaTrace game, users are rewarded for their activities in the game. The type of activity depends on the type of NFT with which interaction is required. For example, to receive tokens in the MetaTrace Car mode mechanics, the user must move in the real world, while its avatar moves on the MetaTrace Car.

Sources of funds for rewarding players:

  • Investment funds

Development in the initial stage to attract the first pool of active players up to 100,000 MAU (average number of users per month).

  • Subscription model

We offer subscribers an enhanced gaming experience and privileges. For a monthly fee, they get access to additional features and content.

  • Targeted advertising

Thanks to the built-in system of collecting information about our players, we plan to offer the opportunity to place advertising within the application.

  • Commissions

We charge fees for using the Trace Market, swap operations, and transactions within the game. This allows us to ensure the financial stability of the platform. All actions performed with tokens and NFTs are subject to a fee, which is directed to maintain the liquidity of the TRC and ACE tokens.

  • NFT sales

We plan to issue various collections of game NFTs, with their own gameplay and utility. The current full list of game NFTs can be found here.

  • Partnership launches

We plan to create NFT collections and mini-games in partnership with other brands and projects.

Thus, in the economic model of the MetaTrace project, a balanced system is implemented, where players receive rewards for activities in the game, use the received tokens to upgrade their NFTs and trade on the Trace Market.

At the same time, the commissions charged from the users support the liquidity of the TRC token on decentralized exchanges (DEX).

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