MetaTrace Pass


MetaTrace Pass is a special Genesis pass into the world of MetaTrace. The presence of this NFT token in the wallet indicates that the user was one of the first to interact with our game. Keep at least 1 NFT Pass in your wallet to receive additional privileges and bonuses.

Its owners receive special privileges:

  • Increased in-game rewards and bonus incentives during special events;

  • Opportunity to be among the first to experience new mechanics with a reward system for active testers;

  • Special status in the profile;

  • Bonus NFT giveaways and other partnership rewards.

Every user who purchased their MetaTrace Car during the Presale received a free drop of the NFT Pass. Also, in April 2023, there was an online event in the MetaTrace world where users could get an NFT Pass for free by completing simple steps.

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