ACE Tokenomic

Game utility Token

The ACE token has an unlimited issuance and serves as a utility token in the MetaTrace ecosystem. It is used for various in-game operations. Users can earn ACE tokens as rewards for participating in game mechanics and completing game tasks.

This is the official in-game currency of MetaTrace, which is used for growing Cypets, upgrading NFTs, PVP mode, and other gaming actions. You can store, send, and receive ACE tokens from other users in our Trace Wallet.


In the current version of the game, ACE is used for:

Token usage mechanics will be added regularly! Stay tuned for updates on social media.

All ACE tokens are burnt upon usage!

METATRACE LTD does not sell ACE tokens directly to users. Players mine tokens during the game and can use them in the system or sell/exchange them on open markets or exchanges.

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