Our Principles

In this section, we will share our principles according to which we develop MetaTrace

  • Engaging and understandable gameplay is the primary focus of the project team.

  • Qualitative Free-to-play, freedom for players to choose their own game format, and the possibility to use NFTs for advanced users.

  • The stability of the game economy always takes precedence over scaling and profitability.

  • Transparency and attention to communication with players. It is important for us to be open with our community and improve the product based on user feedback. All information about the project, as well as the team, is publicly available.

  • Forming prize pools for players through a clear business model.

  • Simplicity and accessibility of Web3 solutions in the game, convenience for beginners.

  • The security of each user's personal data.

  • Active blocking of farming and combat against it in the game.

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