Trace Ads

Targeted Advertising

We are developing an advertising platform where partners can purchase and place targeted advertising using TRC tokens within the application.

All operations are implemented through the blockchain. The advertising message is sent via a smart contract, and after reading it, the user receives a reward, with MetaTrace's commission deducted.

When completing quests, tasks, and registering with partners, all transactions are also verified via a smart contract, and accruals and commission deductions occur automatically.

Thanks to the large amount of user data in TraceID, advertising campaigns will be implemented exclusively for the target audience with due efficiency and accuracy.

Types of Advertising channels:

  1. Push notifications

  2. Trace Quests

  3. Text ads (coming soon)

  4. Video ads (coming soon)

  5. Partner collections (coming soon)

  6. Partner Mini games (coming soon)

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