Our Mission

We are building technology for a better future, where users don't loose touch with reality.

Our primary mission is to inspire and motivate millions of people to have more contact with the real world and engage in physical activity every day. We believe we can introduce players to the world around them in a new way, help them broaden their horizons, meet people, and explore new locations. Collect digital artifacts within your city and interact with other players, forge friendships, and exchange resources in MetaTrace. We are not inventing new "utopian" metaverses and virtual worlds; instead, we enhance the real world with interactive elements using Augmented Reality (AR) technologies. This allows players to feel each challenge more intensely, meet with friends more often, and actively develop beyond the game. We also set an ambitious goal for ourselves: to introduce tens of millions of users to the world of Web3 technologies.

We believe that Web3, with the help of blockchain, will allow us to build an independent economy where "freedom" and "transparency" are paramount. Thanks to innovative concepts and mechanics, we have developed a gameplay process where the player, step by step, discovers a new decentralized world and acquires cryptocurrency usage skills. In a game format, they will create their own wallet and receive their first unique NFT tokens. Our team is working on developing a whole ecosystem of Web3 products that provide simple access to opportunities within and beyond the game.

We're betting on the real world!

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