Player Profile

A player's profile in MetaTrace is a place where you can present yourself and share personal information with other players.

Your profile includes the following elements:

  • Avatar. To replace the default picture with the avatar, a player needs to purchase an NFT Avatar; after that, the player can assign it in the NFT management menu or in the settings.

  • Player's first name, surname.

  • Nickname. It's necessary for a player to choose a unique nickname, which will be used for their identification in MetaTrace. The nickname will be displayed in game chats, leaderboards, and other interactive game elements.

  • Avatar's Level. The level of your gaming avatar, which increases through various activities in the game.

  • Trace Wallet widget with an area displaying the current token amount in ACE, TRC, and Gem.

  • Shop. In the shop, you can acquire items for a more comfortable gaming experience.

  • Player's city. We use IP address information and geolocation services to automatically determine the player's city. Accurately indicating the city will help you find nearby players, get acquainted with them, and cooperate with them in the game.

  • NFT viewing area. Here your assets are displayed: cars, parts, containers, avatars, cypets, etc. You can filter the NFT view in this area according to criterias

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