MetaTrace Town” is an NFT collection that enables users to interact with the MetaTrace world on a new level. Each user can acquire a piece of this world and become a true Townlord, gaining significant advantages from it.

Benefits of Owning MetaTrace Town

The primary advantage for Townlords is the ability to receive taxes from other players in ACE tokens. Every time any player earns ACE, 1% of the received ACE is deducted as tax and distributed to the Townlords of the town where that player is located.

Additionally, MetaTrace Town owners will receive a percentage of commissions from the actions of these players.

Subsequently, this tax is distributed equally among each copy of the corresponding MetaTrace Town.

Future benefits for MetaTrace Town owners

The collection will continue to evolve, endowing its owners with new advantages and enhancing their gaming experience, which will just make the world of MetaTrace even better.

Upcoming plans:

  • Exclusive private chats

  • Unique statuses visible to other players

  • Town owners DAO

  • Town community grants

The project's growth and subsequent new opportunities will make the MetaTrace Town collection even more valuable and ensure its perpetual relevance!

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