Any Trace Wallet owner can perform a two-way token swap directly in their wallet.

Initial pool liquidity is represented by a certain volume of tokens provided by the liquidity provider. This volume establishes the initial price.

Funds for pool formation and replenishment are allocated in accordance with the tokenomics (19.3% of the total TRC supply).

Each element of the pair has its volume in its respective units of measurement. To calculate liquidity, they are standardized to a common numerator.

Upon adding a pair, an assessment of the total initial liquidity is conducted. Subsequently, the liquidity balance is determined by the formula x * y = k, where:

  • k - constant value (may vary slightly due to errors)

  • x - amount of the first token in the pair

  • y - amount of the second token in the pair

During the exchange, one of the values (x or y) increases by the amount of tokens the user has provided, while the other value decreases by the amount of tokens the user has received.

After the swap, the change in the amount of liquidity causes the price to shift and it is recalculated. During subsequent exchanges, a new price will be applied.

Available swap pairs:






The minimum amount, depending on the direction of the swap:

  • 10 TRC

  • 1 USDT

  • 1 MATIC

  • 500 ACE

  • 0.0001 WBTC

  • 0.0001 WETH

A fee in TRC or ACE tokens is deducted from each swap, amounting to 0.1% of the exchange amount but not less than 5 TRC or ACE.

It's important to consider that for each swap transaction, a small gas fee in MATIC tokens must be paid on the Polygon network.

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