Trace Market

A virtual marketplace where users trade and exchange game items and assets.

Trace Market is a gaming items marketplace where a user can purchase or sell any game NFTs, whether it be an invincible MetaTrace Cypet, a rare MetaTrace Car, an exclusive skin or even an Easter NFT in honor of a past event.

To use the marketplace, one must first register and obtain their unique TraceID for login. After this, you can freely use all the features of Trace Market. Transactions on Trace Market are conducted directly through the users Trace Wallets. This way, savings are achieved on gas costs.

Prices on Trace Market are the result of in-game economics, formed solely by the demand and supply of players.

How it works:

  • The user (seller) puts their NFT up for sale.

  • Another user (buyer) is going to buy NFT. For finding the desired NFT on Trace Market, a convenient system of filters and sorting is implemented.

  • Buyer creates a request to buy this NFT by sending a request to the blockchain.

  • The buyer pays the cost of the NFT plus the internal marketplace commission and receives the NFT on their Trace Wallet.

The advantages of such a system include:

  • A decentralized marketplace, regulated by the actions of players, with the possibility of payment in TRC and MATIC tokens.

  • MetaTrace operates decentralised marketplace allowing users purchase/sale of NFT’s and to pay the gas in the native TRC token.

Trace Market is a cross-platform product presented on three platforms:

  • Market in MetaTrace app — a marketplace right in our game application (adjustments for iOS may be possible due to Apple's policy).

  • Web market — a full-fledged marketplace for buying and selling NFTs in any browser on any device.

  • Market bot in the Telegram messenger — a unique product developed for convenient use by players without leaving their favorite messenger.

Our marketplace promotes the development of trade relations between players, serving as a safe platform for exchanging items and resources.

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