MetaTrace Town

MetaTrace Town collection are based on real towns from around the world. The collection consists of 12000 towns, divided into different categories.


NFTs from the MetaTrace Town collection are divided into 6 categories based on the population and popularity of the town they represent:

Premium categories (1000 Towns):

  • Exclusive Town

  • Millionaire Town

Regular categories (11,000 Towns):

  • Large Town

  • Big Town

  • Medium Town

  • Small Town

The higher a town’s category, the greater the advantages it can provide to the owner.

Towns from the premium category will have additional utilities and will allow their owners to significantly increase their income and influence in the world of MetaTrace!


Each town in the MetaTrace Town collection has several copies depending on its category.


Number of NFT Copies

Exclusive Town, Millionaire Town


Large Town, Big Town, Medium Town, Small Town


This means that each MetaTrace Town is represented by several NFTs, and the owners of these NFTs share control over the town collectively.

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