MetaTrace is the world's first GameFi project featuring a Free to Play and Earn model on a real-world map.

The MetaTrace application is a game incorporating a variety of game mechanics aimed at combining geolocation, blockchain environments, and classic game strategies.

It is based on augmented reality technology, which offers users a unique gaming experience and an easy immersion into the world of Web3 technologies. Our team is diligently working on creating a platform that will allow each player to realize their ideas and become the creator of their own adventures. The application is developed by professionals with experience working in top gaming studios: Niantic (Pokemon Go), Wargaming (World of Tanks), Kama Games, Game Insight, and others. The virtual map of MetaTrace is a replica of the real world, reflecting our entire globe. Every step you take in the real world impacts the events occurring within the game. Your physical activity is reflected in the game space, and your avatar accurately replicates your movements. Explore the space and find rewards in Boxes. Each box contains Gem, various NFTs for participating in mini-games, and most importantly — Cypets.

Cypets — are unique creatures from the Web3 world, inspired by NFT collections, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, trends, memes, and popular figures. You will embark on a journey to search for pets around the world, collect them, crossbreed them, and upgrade them. Assemble an incredible collection, engage in battles with other players, and conquer territories. Showcase your skills and mastery in dynamic competitions. Additionally, you can look forward to exciting mini-games, available only with specific NFTs, such as the MetaTrace Car. By participating in the games, you can earn rewards in the form of ACE tokens, mine resources to upgrade your avatar and Cypets, enhancing their level and abilities. MetaTrace not only allows you to immerse yourself in gaming adventures but also opens up the opportunity to receive rewards based on your achievements. We are creating a unique economic model where rare and unique NFTs will serve as a source of high rewards for players. Skill, expertise, talent, and luck will become key factors for success in the virtual map. Unforgettable experiences, new acquaintances, friends, and a multitude of exciting challenges are wating for you in MetaTrace. Embark on an incredible journey at the intersection of the virtual and real worlds. You will have the opportunity to unlock the potential of blockchain, explore new technologies, and experience the superiority of the Web3 environment. We are creating more than just another NFT game, this is a breakthrough in the world of mobile applications where innovative technologies and blockchain are embodied in captivating gameplay.

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