Season 1 - Move

Move and earn! - the phrase of 2022 in the world of Web3.
Lead an active lifestyle - move around! Do your usual daily routine - trips to school, work, home, on vacation in the park or out of town - and get rewarded!
We have released a special collection of NFT Cars, which allows you to accumulate a certain amount of energy daily, and spend it while moving to receive ACE tokens. ACE tokens can be used in the game or exchanged for real money through the exchange.
NFT Cars differ in body type (Sedan, Hatchback, SUV, Coupe, Supercar) and tier. Some NFT Cars will also be particularly rare.
You can tune, repair, sell, transfer and donate your NFT Cars. Also, you can build a new NFT Car from several ones!
The more NFT Cars you have, the more you can earn.