Introducing MetaFora Platform by MIXR Labs
Location-based AR Platform is a set of tools for creating a Real-World Metaverse.
Our platform allows us not to use third-party developments of other companies in order not to depend on partners, not to pay them royalties, not to have technical restrictions, for example, on the number of requests to their servers.
We have the ability to perform deep optimization for specific tasks to ensure the best performance of a project built on this platform. Which is simply impossible to do working with a third-party universal system.
For example, we reduce the load on the client-side rendering by combining all the geometry of the maps into one mesh, which gives a performance gain in comparison with third-party developments of other companies.
The app will not slow down due to map rendering, the smartphone will not heat up, the battery will not drain quickly because of this.
In location-based projects, in addition to CPU and GPU, GPS is also actively used, it is GPS that eats up most of the performance when the app is running. Therefore, the optimization of the client (CPU and GPU operation) is allowed to leave more resources for GPS operation.
This is critical for location-based projects, because users move around in the real world and do not always have the opportunity to charge their smartphone.