ACE (Utility Token) is an internal token of the system, has an unlimited issue, which users receive for performing actions in this system.
Minting ACE is produced by the charging system (rewarding) to users for actions in the MetaTrace project.
ATTENTION! Currently, the ACE token is not released on Polygon or any other chains. This means that any token posing as ACE is fake! Please follow the updates about the issue of tokens in the official social networks of the MetaTrace project.
MIXR Labs does not sell ACE tokens directly to users, they mine tokens during the gameplay, can use them in the system or sell/exchange them on open markets or exchanges.

Burning ACE tokens in the MetaTrace project

Participation in improvement ecosystem
  • Voting when making key decisions within the MetaTrace ecosystem;
Season 1 - Move
  • Fusing and Breeding of Cars;
  • Repair and restore the Durability of Cars;
  • Cars Level up;
  • Car slots unlocking for Parts;
  • Parts Update;
  • Parts Fusing;
  • Boxes opening.