Investment Stages

The project's funding occurs in several stages:

  1. 1.
    Initial "FFF" stage and NFT Sale.
In early 2022, when the project was just getting started, the funding was conducted via the founder's personal and borrowed funds. After preparing an MVP and engaging a community, the team issued a collection of NFT Car. Thanks to the loyalty and trust of the MetaTrace community, the total sales amounted to $500,000.
  1. 2.
    Lead investor and closure of the first 2 rounds (Seed and Private).
During the development of the application, we were able to attract a leading investor in the form of a private investment fund, which purchased 7% of the project's TRC tokens in exchange for investments totaling $3,150,000. This allowed us to close two funding rounds and partially complete a Strategic Sale.
  1. 3.
    Private community-sale.
The MetaTrace team held a private community-sale as part of the Pre-sale, among the holders of the NFT Car collection. During this sale, TRC tokens worth $50,000 were sold.
These funds are fully allocated for operational expenses, product development, and project marketing.

Planned Investment Rounds

 Strategic Sale

In this round, we plan to attract strategic partners with the highest possible value for the project. We are looking for partners who can enhance our team and help in implementing all our plans.

Ambassador allocation

In this round, we will provide allocations to ambassadors and influencers ready to support our project with available marketing resources.


We plan to implement this token pool among our community, NFT holders, active participants, and fans of the project. The Pre-sale will be launched 2 weeks before listing on the first exchange.


We are also in negotiations with launchpads with the aim of launching a campaign to sell tokens and attract maximum attention to the project. We plan to get on a launchpad 1 week before the token's introduction on CEX (centralized crypto exchanges).