NFT Cypets is the main collection in the game, consisting of unique digital pets. Players will be able to get them directly in the game, upgrading their abilities and use them in battles.
Cypets are virtual creatures with their own artificial intelligence, defending Tracers, helping them in battles against each other, wild Cypets, or the S.C.A.M. virus. Cypets began to emerge as a result of the evolution of cryptocurrency code, as digital creatures. They can be trained, leveled up, and taught new abilities.
Originally, Cypets were wild creatures in the MetaTrace world and didn't obey anyone. This is why aggressive Cypets might cross the paths of Tracers and attack them. Some Cypets were also infected by the S.C.A.M. virus, usually making them more powerful. As MetaTrace is closely linked to reality, global information surges (memes, events, personalities) leave their mark by giving birth to new Cypets.


Similar to the real world, the MetaTrace world features creatures of varying rarity. Some pets are common, while others require a proper hunt. In MetaTrace, there are 5 rarity tiers: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.
The rarer the pet, the more prominent it is in the MetaTrace world, and the stronger its abilities. Naturally, among Tracers, the rarest pets hold the highest value, and owning valuable types guarantees a Tracer honor and glory.