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Types of Boxes
Boxes are digital containers with hidden rewards inside. A player can receive a certain amount of NFT Box as a result of burning one unit of energy. Energy can be burned by exploring the terrain with an NFT Avatar or moving on an NFT Car.

Types of Boxes:


The most popular type of Boxes, which contain the game utility tokens — ACE.


This is an unusual Box in which you can find a new NFT Car, NFT Part, NFT Lands, NFT Avatar, or other items that can be used in our game.

Crypto Box

This is a rare Box in which you can find cryptocurrency from popular networks, other projects, our partners, or advertisers.

Mystical Box

This is a very rare Box in which you can find valuable NFTs from popular collections of our partners or advertisers.
It's important to note that the contents of each Box are random and unknown until the moment of opening!